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includes a side of steamed jasmine rice or brown rice. please no ingredient substitutions.

Thai Style Ribs

pork spare ribs marinated and slowly braised until tender in garlic and pepper sauce. served on a sizzling plate.


Golden Legs

six jumbo frog legs lightly battered and deep fried until crispy and tender. serve with your choice of garlic sauce (garlic, onions, on a bed of shredded cabbage) or spicy sauce* (basil, bell peppers, on crispy Thai basil).


Princess Duck

half roasted duck prepared in our homemade sweet and savory sauce with fresh ginger and black bean paste. served on a bed of steamed broccoli.


Choo Chee Duck

half roasted duck in sweet coconut curry sauce. topped with finely chopped kaffir lime leaves.


Massamun curry* (choice of beef or pork)

slowly braised until tender in homemade massamun curry with carrots, potatoes, and onions. served with a side of rice or roti (Asian crispy flat bread - highly recommended).


Soft Shell Delight

lightly batterd and deep fried soft shell crabs with our special blends of herbs, crab meat, celery, carrots, onions, peppers, and curry powder.


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Golden Legs

Massamun curry

(Sake is not included)

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